14 Things To Do In Denver With A Baby

things to do in denver with a baby

Hiring a professional cleaner will not only decrease your stress, but it will also give you more opportunities to spend your time making memories with your baby.

You may be wondering what you can do with an infant but luckily, the Denver area has so many great options for people of all ages, even the youngest members of the family.

We’ve put together a list of 14 fun things that you can do with your baby in and around Denver that will encourage you and your baby to learn and play together and spend quality time together. 

Downtown Aquarium

What can be better than spending the day introducing your baby to the different sights and sounds of the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado?

They have the Aquarium Adventure Exhibit, Mystic Mermaids, and even an aquatic-themed restaurant where you are seated around the 50,000-gallon tank with tropical fish swimming about. 

The best part is that children 2 years old and younger are free to enter at no cost. 

Even the smallest minds will soak up the adventure to the aquarium and you can make memories that you will never forget. 

Enjoying the Downtown Aquarium sounds like a much better way to spend the day than cleaning the house. 

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum believes wholeheartedly that art is important for people of all ages. 

Because of this, they offer free general admission to all youth 18 years old and younger. 

They even offer free general admission for everyone at certain times throughout the year. 

They offer exhibits such as the Storytelling Studio, Rip’s Adventure, and the Creative hub to learn about different art forms and to inspire creativity in your young children.

It’s a great place to bring your baby and stimulate their little brain with beautiful art. 

Although cleaning is an important skill, it is just as important to inspire creativity and artistic skills for your baby and yourself. 

The Denver Zoo

Get some fresh air and see the different exhibits and animals that the Denver Zoo offers. 

Much like the Aquarium,The Denver Zoo also offers free admission for children 2 years old and younger.

There is a variety of animals for your baby to observe such as lions, penguins, and snapping turtles.

They even host events at different times of the year so you will want to check out their website for more information on that. 

Watching your baby enjoy the zoo experience is, by far, a better way to spend your time than cleaning your home.

And if you plan your zoo trip on a cleaning day, it will feel so good after a long day of walking around each exhibit, to return to a professionally cleaned home.

Kids Wonder

Bringing your baby to Kids Wonder is a great way to introduce creativity, physical activity, and socialization through play.

They have a designated area for toddlers and they offer classes that are free with admission where you and your baby will learn sounds, numbers, colors, and more.

If you become a member you will get free entrance every day, free access to special events, and discounts for the snack bar and gift shop

Kids Wonder is a great way to get you and your baby out of the house while the cleaner comes and takes care of your cleaning checklist.

Tales N’ Tunes

Tales N’ Tunes is an early childhood literacy, music, and movement program for babies and young children and their caregivers.

Music is a great way to help your baby’s language skills develop quickly and in a fun and engaging way. 

Tales N’ Tunes believes that it is never too early to introduce your baby to books and music and they offer a class called Tiny Tales N’ Tunes for babies ages birth to seven months. 

They also offer the Tales N’ Tunes class which is designed for children newborn to 5 years old as well as Tickle Tales N Tunes for ages 3 to 5. 

By hiring our professional cleaners you are freeing up valuable time that you can now use to introduce your baby to the magical world of music and reading.


Altitunes offers a creative experience to help people of all ages to reach their music potential. 

The teachers are highly trained in music classes for children as well as educated in music therapy.

They offer a few music classes for babies called Beboppin’ Babies and Melodious Movers. 

Bepoppin’ Babies is for newborns until they can sit on their own and then Melodious Moises is for the crawling baby way up to their first steps.

What a great way to spend quality time with your baby rather than cleaning the kitchen or living room.

Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

The Children’s Museum of Denver understands that babies love the museum just as much as big kids but they do suggest a stroller-free visit.

They offer nursing stations as well as changing stations for your convenience.  And you can gain access to the microwave in the Museum Cafe to heat up a bottle.

They have an area designated for ages 0 to 3 called the Early Learners’ Oasis where they can explore light boxes, mirrors, and stacking king blocks. 

Bringing your baby to the Children’s museum is a much more pleasant way to spend the afternoon rather than cleaning the house. 

Kids Dig

If your baby enjoys playing in the sand then you will want to add Kids Dig to your list of things to do while the cleaner is scheduled to come and visit.

You pay half-hour hour increments and adults are free to enter unless there are more than 2. 

Kids Dig is a giant sandbox with many Tonka toys for children to play with. 

If your baby does not enjoy the sand they do have a carpeted area for sand-free play. 

While your baby is getting sandy, our professional cleaners will be making sure you come back to a spotless house. 

Little Kickers Swim School

At Little Kickers Swim School, they believe that the earlier you can teach your child to swim the better.

They work with babies as young as 5 months old. They just require that your baby is able to stabilize his or her own head.

You can use the extra time you have now that you have hired a professional cleaner to bring your baby to a class that will teach them the proper motions of kicking their legs to swim and forming positive experiences with water. 


Kidspace was built for adults to play with their children ages 0 to 8 years old. 

They are slowly changing their name from Kidspace to Kookalooz Space Playground but everything else will stay the same.

The space theme playground is dedicated to teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and problem-based learning to children of all ages in a way that will keep them engaged and excited to learn.

Adults and babies that are under 6 months old have a lower entry price and this a fun way to introduce your little one to learning while having fun. 

My Gym

My Gym is a place where children of all ages can take classes that will encourage them to increase motor skills, coordination, and strength in a fun and engaging environment. 

They offer classes for babies and big kids. 

While our professional cleaners are taking care of your home you can be helping to strengthen your baby’s development just by letting them play and have fun. 

WOW! Children’s Museum

WOW! Children’s Museum’s mission is to inspire every child’s learning and curiosity through play.

Children of all ages are welcome to enjoy the many exhibits they offer.

If your baby enjoys bubbles, dancing, or exploring art then WOW! Children’s Museum is a great place to look into. 

While your cleaner is hard at work making your home spotless you and your baby can be enjoying the day playing and learning new things.

Petite Musician

If your baby loves music then Petite Musician is the perfect place to take music classes and learn together as a family.

Petite Musician was founded by a husband and wife team that used to be opera singers. 

The teachers here are passionate about music and how much it benefits child development. 

Use the extra time you have obtained by hiring our professional cleaning team to enrich your child’s life with music.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center

For the days you want to shop with your baby Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a great place to go.

There are clothing shops for all ages, toy stores, a candy shop, and a coffee shop. 

Even if you don’t need anything from the shopping center it can be a fun way to get out of the house and walk around with your baby. 

Spending the day at the shopping center sounds like a way better time than cleaning the house- even if you’re very fast at it!

With so many amazing places to bring your baby, you won’t ever have to wonder what you will do while the cleaner is scheduled to come and visit. Many of these places will also allow you to bring your dog so the entire family can have a day out!

No matter what adventure you choose, the important thing is that you have this extra time that you can set aside to spend with your baby instead of wasting your nights and weekends away cleaning.