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Thank you. We truly appreciate you as a client.


The team caring for your home will follow instructions on the work order based on our conversation with you, so if you have a change to the agreed upon service or would like to add something, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.


If you have a security alarm we encourage you to turn it off before the MOP STARS arrive. If you choose to turn the alarm on, you may give us the code and instructions on how to turn it off and on, but we are not responsible for errors in disarming or setting the alarm.


The time it takes our team to clean the home before yours varies so we cannot provide an exact arrival time. We will agree to a specific time but ask that you prepare for us to arrive within an hour of that time.


Due to their fragile nature, we do not clean window blinds made with fabric.


Late cancellations made the business day before a scheduled service time will be charged 25% of the agreed upon fee. Last-minute cancellations made on the same day of service, after 12:00am, will be charged 50% of the agreed-upon fee.


Other than light dusting, we do not clean computers or other electronic devices.


We do not clean dishes.


For health and safety reasons, we may not be able to clean an area infested with insects, and in some cases may determine we are unable to clean your home.


Keys given to us are coded and locked in a safe box. Please remember to provide us with a new key or access code if they change. If we are unable to access your home for any reason, this will be considered a same day cancellation and 50% of the service fee will be charged.


A charge card is required prior to cleaning, but you can pay with cash or check, if you prefer. If you pay with a charge card, we pass through the cost of doing so, which adds 3% to the fee.


Kids and animals are awesome, and many do not mind us being there, but we ask that you secure pets and supervise children. We do not clean any pet excrement, including litter boxes, nor do we clean blood or body fluids. We may not clean a house if our team feels threatened by an animal, and this will result in a “same day cancellation” and associated 50% fee of the service charge.


We may inspect homes during or after a cleaning.  This means that someone may be arriving at your home during or at the end of a service.  If you do not want quality control inspections please let us know.


We reserve the right to adjust rates if we are unable to clean your home in accordance with our standard productivity rates based on quality. This may occur because we were unable to see the home before cleaning, you have asked for additional services, or for other reasons. After we have cleaned your home the first time we will have a better idea as to how much time we will need for a recurring schedule.


For insurance and general safety reasons, our teams will not move heavy objects or reach any higher than they are able to with a two-step ladder.


We provide everything necessary to clean your home, and all of our core products are Green Seal Certified.


To help avoid accidents, please put away any valuables or items that may break easily. Of course, we try hard not to damage anything in your home, but on the rare occasion that something happens, please report this to our office within 24 hours.


We will battle to get to your home but if inclement weather forces us to close, we’ll notify you as soon as possible and re-schedule your clean.

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