14 Things To Do In Denver With A Dog

happy dog in denver

There are so many amazing benefits to hiring one of our professional cleaners for regularly scheduled visits

One of those bonuses is that you end up with more free time to spend with your family, kids and of course your beloved pet. 

If you love to bring your furry friend on adventures then you are in luck because Denver offers a variety of dog parks and dog-friendly activities and locations to add to your bucket list. 

Don’t worry if your dog isn’t as active as other dogs or just doesn’t enjoy interacting with other dogs, because there are plenty of options for dogs of every energy level and personality so you and your dog will never feel left out.

Let’s dive into the 14 things you can do in Denver with your pup. But don’t worry, if you’re in Wheat Ridge or any of the nearby areas you can still enjoy our cleaning services!

1. Three Dog Bakery

This adorable bakery is a must-stop for you and your dog while our professional cleaner is hard at work taking care of the cleanliness of your home. 

It started with the inspiration of the business owners’ rescue pup and has turned into a cool experience for pet owners in and around the Denver area. 

They offer food, toys, treats, and so much more. 

You can check out their website and see the events they have featured and the seasonal treat options they are offering.

They even offer a dog washing station so that your pup can leave feeling the best he has ever felt. 

While you wash your dog, we will be busy making your home look the best it ever has. 

2. Denver Beer Co.

Have you ever wished you could go out for a nice cold beer and you could bring your dog? 

Look no further, because Denver Beer Company on Platte Street thinks that is a great idea and they have granted that wish. 

They offer outdoor and indoor seating as well as rotating food trucks. Enjoy some delicious food and company with your dog by your side. 

As long as your pup has good manners, you can enjoy a beer with friends while your pup enjoys the extra attention. 

The best part is that you can enjoy this amazing atmosphere all while knowing your home is going to be in tip-top shape when you get back, without you having to lift a finger. 

3. Willow Bark Park

If you just want to get out of the house while the cleaner comes but you want to keep it lowkey you can try Willow Bark Park. 

It’s an off-leash dog park with a large area for your four-legged friend to run and get his energy out. 

There is no cost to get into the park and there are benches and picnic tables available for you to sit at and enjoy while you watch your dog play.

4. Bigsby’s Folly Craft Winery & Restaurant

We previously mentioned how awesome it would be to enjoy a cold beer with your pup, but what about a nice glass of wine? 

This winery was opened by two avid animal lovers who loved the idea of you enjoying a nice glass of wine while your dog relaxed on the patio with you. 

You will want to be sure your pet is well-behaved and make a reservation beforehand because this place is as popular as you think. 

While you are sipping wine and enjoying the company of good people and good dogs, our professional cleaners will be taking care of your home and getting it ready for your return. 

5. Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State park is a great place to get a change of scenery and bring your dog for an adventure.

You can purchase a day pass or get yourself an annual pass and make this park a regular place for you and your pup to visit.  

They have a designated area for you to have your dog off the leash so they can run around to their heart’s content while you watch.

Use your free time to get yourself some fresh air and give your dog some freedom in the great outdoors. 

Visit their website to see the rules and regulations for the park and the contact information to check and make sure there is no wait time.  

6. Kennedy Dog Park

Gone are the nights and weekends spent cleaning! Now you can use that time to bring your dog to Kennedy Dog Park here in Denver. 

You can let your pup run off-leash as long as he is well trained and get his energy out while the house cleaning is being taken care of by a professional.

7. Fuller Dog Park

While our cleaner is hard at work on your house you can bring your dog to Fuller Dog Park where the reviews say it’s a great place for your dog to run and play.

They even offer an area for dogs that have lower energy so your pup is sure to have a space to hang out. 

Whether your dog likes to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze or wants to run around with a ball or other dogs, both options sound like way more fun than staying inside and cleaning.

8. Cheesman Park

This locally loved park is the perfect place to let your dog run free and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains. 

With bathroom facilities, a picnic area, and a pavilion to sit in you could spend a whole day at the park while our team of professionals gets your home clean from top to bottom. 

9. Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek Dog Park is one of the most visited park sites in El Paso county. You and your pup can take a dip in the creek or run around with no leash and play fetch. 

With all these options available it is a no-brainer that you would want to do this rather than clean the house. 

You can trust our professional cleaner to take care of your home while you bring your pup on an adventure he will love.

10. Berkeley Lake Dog Park

Now that you have a professional cleaner you can use that opportunity to introduce yourself and your dog to other people and their pets.

The Berkeley Lake Dog Park is a safe and clean park that allows you to let your dog roam free and off-leash and meet new friends while you are at it.

It’s a perfect way to let your pup get his energy out without you having to run around with him yourself. 

11. Railyard Dog Park

This awesome dog park was established in 2010 and is located in Lower Downtown Denver. 

The soft sand gives off beach day vibes with water fountains and shaded areas available. 

Whether your dog needs to run off some energy or just get some fresh air this park is a great option to explore while the cleaner takes care of your home! 

12. Washington Park

This park has two lakes and a flower garden that you and your dog will both enjoy exploring.

Instead of cleaning the house you can be enjoying the bike/pedestrian path, the jogging trail, or listening to one of their free outdoor concerts. 

After you spend a fun-filled day at Washington Park you can rest assured that you will come back to a clean home.  

13. Spring Canyon Dog Park

Located in Fort Collins this dog park is perfect if you have a smaller dog because they have a fenced area specifically for smaller breeds. 

This park is about 3 acres with a water fountain available and a pond for your dog to take a swim. 

Spending the day at this beautiful park beats cleaning the house by a long shot.  

14. Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek

You might be thinking “why would I go to a hotel when I live right in Denver?” But, this hotel is a great place to visit even if you aren’t a guest! 

The Halcyon Hotel offers plenty of paved sidewalks and seating areas where you can hang out with your pet.

It’s the perfect place to get away for the day if you want to be out of the house while our professional cleaners work hard to keep your home clean and tidy. Even better, it’s quite close to our Denver location!

With all the dog parks and dog-friendly areas available there is sure to be something that you and your pup will love. 

You can use this list to keep track of the places you have visited and the places you would like to visit.

Whether you want to take a walk in the park, enjoy the beautiful views of Denver, or treat your pup to dog-friendly baked goods, you can trust that there are plenty of things to do in the Denver area.  

Sure, you can clean even a messy house in one day if you know what you’re doing but there’s only so much time in the day. 

If you have not scheduled a professional cleaning service and you are interested, visit our website where you can see other blog posts like this, the services we offer, and our contact information.