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About MOP STARS Cleaning Service

Our Story

MOP STARS Cleaning Service started way back in 2014 with our Denver, Colorado location and we’ve been cleaning homes across Colorado and Texas ever since. 

We’re a tightknit team with a diverse background and I believe we’re the best in the business! 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to help residents of Colorado and Texas save time and enjoy life more by letting us handle the cleaning!

You already have enough to do and while you can’t buy more time you can hire the MOP STARS team closest to you and save hours every month.

Our Vision

House cleaning is a basic business in which I can leverage my corporate experience – sales, marketing, customer service, finance, human resources, etc. I moved to Denver from San Francisco, where there were many tech opportunities, but I am not a tech person. I didn’t want to start a business that can be rendered obsolete by someone in another country. I am certain nobody in Asia can clean a home in Denver better or cheaper than Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service.

Let’s work together

We’d love to work with you and help you enjoy a cleaner home! Contact us today!

If you’re in Texas, you can see all our Texas house cleaning locations here. For folks in Colorado, you can find the location closest to you here

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