Why I left corporate marketing to start a house cleaning business

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Guy Peters of MOP STARS

Over 20 years I was lucky enough to manage a variety of global brands across several industries: Canada Dry, Schweppes, A&W and Hires in carbonated soft drinks; Egg Beaters in food; and TaylorMade, Dunlop, Maxfli and Slazenger in golf. But I wanted to create my own brand and build my own business.  

House cleaning is an opportunity for excellence

After researching many industries for two years, I decided on house cleaning, about which I am sure family and friends are still perplexed! I chose house cleaning because it is a simple, yet very difficult business, and we provide a solution for people who want so badly to find a cleaning company they can trust.

I know many people have difficulty finding a cleaning company that provides a consistent, quality service. It’s not just that the cleaning quality may be bad, but many operators don’t do the basics necessary to earn trust, like returning a call, or showing up on the scheduled day of service. Our mission from the beginning is that our clients never have to look for another cleaning company. Basic business 101 goes a long way.

The house cleaning industry is fragmented, with many people doing it, but very few doing it well. There are no power brands, and thus there is an opportunity to create and develop a strong brand in Denver, or any city for that matter. There are very few barriers to entry, which is not good. Anyone with a mop and bucket can claim to be a cleaning company. But it is an extremely tough business, very difficult to control quality, so the failure rate is high, and I like that.

House cleaning is a basic business in which I can leverage my corporate experience – sales, marketing, customer service, finance, human resources, etc. I moved to Denver from San Francisco, where there were many tech opportunities, but I am not a tech person. I didn’t want to start a business that can be rendered obsolete by someone in another country. I am certain nobody in Asia can clean a home in Denver better or cheaper than MOP STARS.

MOP STARS fills a need in the market

I chose house cleaning in Denver because I believe we can be as good as, or better than, any other Denver house cleaning company.

Guy Peters

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