What is included in deep cleaning and one-time house cleaning?

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Our one-time deep cleaning is very detailedProperty managers use MOP STARS because they require attention to detail prior to a new tenant moving in. Realtors® use MOP STARS because they also require attention to detail for getting a home ready to sell or providing a move-in or move-out clean for their clients.

Along with the usual dusting and floors, our one-time deep cleaning includes things like:

  • air vents,
  • baseboards,
  • ceiling fans,
  • light fixtures and switches,
  • the outsides of all cupboards, cabinets, and drawers,
  • sliding glass doors,
  • window sills,
  • window tracks,
  • hard water deposits,
  • and more than we can mention here. 

If the property is vacant, we also get inside of cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

The items not automatically included are the inside of the oven, inside of the refrigerator, blinds on the windows and inside window glass, which we can add. These items are offered separately because they take a lot of time and not everyone wants them cleaned.  

For recurring house cleaning, we do a deep clean the first time to bring your home up to a cleaning standard we can continue if you decide to get on a recurring schedule. This usually takes about twice the time of a recurring service. We will give you an estimate for the first clean and the recurring service, although we may adjust the recurring estimate after the first clean.

The recurring service does not always include some of the deep clean items, such as light fixtures and ceiling fans, but we rotate those in. Each time we do clean things like the sliding glass doors, the microwave, top of the refrigerator, and we always work on the hard water deposits in the bathroom and kitchen sink.

Photo by Christa Grover from Pexels.

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