What is included in a one-time clean vs. recurring home cleaning?

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We provide both one-time deep cleans and a recurring home cleaning service. Sometimes we do a one-time clean only, and if we start a new client on recurring service, we do an initial deep clean and then start the recurring service.

One-time deep clean

A one-time deep clean includes things like air vents, baseboards, ceiling fans, window tracks and light fixtures. We also work on getting rid of the hard water deposits in the bathroom and kitchen. Of course, the usual dusting, vacuuming, and mopping is part of this service.

Not automatically included in the one-time deep clean is the inside of the oven and blinds on the windows. These items take time and not everyone wants us to spend time on them, but they can be added.

Recurring Home Cleaning Service

For recurring home cleaning, we do an initial deep clean to bring your home up to a standard that we can maintain with a recurring service. The first-time clean is similar to the one-time clean—very detailed. If our client is happy then we schedule the recurring service on a regular day and time to suit their needs.

The one-time clean and initial deep clean when starting a recurring home cleaning service cost more than the recurring service fees. That is because we simply spend more time in the home for the deep cleans. We usually spend about twice the amount of time for a deep clean than is necessary for a bi-weekly recurring service.

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