Preventing and controlling the spread of disease, whether it be a virus or bacteria, is now a critical part of any cleaning service. Covid-19 has put a spotlight on the importance of keeping surfaces clean. And not just clean, but disinfected, there is a difference.

No cleaning process can guarantee any space will be free of pathogens over a period of time. However, we offer a disinfection service that, using a two-pass process, helps eliminate bacteria and viral offenders from treated surfaces. Surfaces must first be cleaned prior to applying a disinfectant. Treating a surface that contains dust or dirt of any type will substantially decrease the likelihood of a successful disinfection.

Our disinfection service includes a product registered with the EPA List N: Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Each EPA-registered product with Emerging Pathogen Claim has a stated contact time required to kill a virus or bacteria. After a surface is cleaned, the disinfectant is applied and must not be wiped away. The disinfectant must remain wet on the surface for the specific contact time, usually 3-10 minutes. We have identified a product that is safe and has an extremely low kill time of 60 seconds.

We use an electrostatic spray system to disinfect a home or commercial space. Our sprayer delivers atomized, electrically charged droplets at 5-50 microns in diameter – ideal for indoor application. Electrically charged droplets are the most efficient, and effective way to deliver a liquid disinfectant onto clean surfaces.

Using an appropriate disinfection process may help prevent viral spread within a work or home environment.