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Your Local House Cleaning Pros!

Clutter and dirt have the terrible habit of always returning back to the scene of the crime, no matter how hard one tries to get rid of them and with your busy schedule, it can easily seem like a lost cause. 

But we’re here to help! 

Our only request is that you sit back and enjoy your free time!

So if you’re ready to enjoy a cleaner home and more time then give us a call today!

kennedale, tx house cleaning
The cleaners did a very good job. Not only did they complete all of the cleaning chores I listed when they arrived, but they also took care of several other cleaning chores I had not mentioned but sorely needed.
Thanks for a great job all around!
As a former employee I can attest to the fact that Guy and the teams that work there put a lot of care into wherever they clean. I really enjoyed working there and I really respected the fact that Guy cares for each and every worker there. I highly recommend Mopstars!
My experience was better than I was expecting. Thank you very much!
Solid cleaning service. Cleaners were on time. I recommend using this service.
Mop Stars did such a great job cleaning our house. Scheduling was easy and Guy was great about updating me on any issues and letting me know when the crew was going to come. They did an exceptional job cleaning and left the house sparkling. We couldn’t have been happier! Thanks so much!
Mop Stars did an awesome job with our airbnb! They were very responsive before and after the cleaning. I plan to use them going forward!
An entire team showed up and cleaned my home like it had never been cleaned before. I was thoroughly impressed with their punctuality, and their quality of service. I would not use any other cleaning service after having worked with Mop Stars. They should chance the name to Mop FIVE Stars.
All of the folks here, from the management, and especially to the folks who worked on my home were wonderful. The quality was great. The turn-around time was great. And the value was great! I'd love to use their service again.
Mop Stars did a nice job! Thank you guys.
The woman who cleaned did an excellent job. She was professional and very nice.
Highly recommend booking through Mop Stars! Julie has been helping keep our home clean for the last 6 months - she is kind, reliable, and does a great job!
Got them for a move-out clean, did an amazing!! job.
Jana and Oscar are doing a great job for us. They are friendly, adaptable and thorough. They have alerted us when they expect to arrive, adjusted their services to fit our needs and yesterday, when we had an unexpected and imminent refrigerator delivery, they even offered to come back another day. We thought it might be possible to work around the installers arrival and they did indeed finish in time while still accomplishing an excellent cleaning.
Guy Peters is extremely responsive with both his team and clientele and makes sure the clint's needs are met. Barb and Lis are hands down the best housecleaners we've ever had - extremely efficient, detailed, and friendly. We couldn't speak more highly of MOP STARS!
Julie with Mop Stars is great! She cleans thoroughly, even with outlet/electrical issues! She also makes sure to secure your home when leaving.
Guy and his team are fantastic! They do a great job and are very professional to work with. The customer service is amazing and always make the effort to accomodate any additional renters/tenants/etc. that may be in the properties they clean. A+++++
The cleaners showed up a few minutes early, which was nice as I've had recent appointment, from other companies, run late. It was a pleasant surprise. They were polite and did a quick run about the house, and got right to it. They were efficient and detailed and what was there, when they were done, was what felt like a brand new house. They hammered it out in less time that we thought, which worked perfectly for us, as we were scheduled to have pictures taken, for the house to be listed. It worked out perfectly, and the house was so good, our listing agent asked for their numbers. Glad I could pass it along, and glad to say we'll be doing business soon!
Mop Stars did an outstanding job deep cleaning my home. The cleaners were very professional and made sure I was happy with their job.
Evelyn did a great job. I will use this company again.
Great experience. Professional and excellent outcome. Would use again.
We had out condo common spaces cleaned and it looks so much better. The manager was very easy to work with and patient with our lengthy HOA process. I highly recommend.
Excellent and efficient job! Thank you!!

Kennedale, TX

House Cleaning Made Easy

We’re on a mission to help the fine folks of Kennedale enjoy a cleaner house without the hassle of actually doing the work yourself. 

While we’re sure most of you know how to properly dust, vacuum, and disinfect your own home a professional house cleaner can still change everything. 

Our staff have years of experience in this field, we let no detail go unnoticed, and most importantly we have an ever-evolving system in place that guarantees a timely and thorough cleaning. 

Whether you’ve had a neighborhood get-together, or you’re moving out and into a new place, we can help you get through it. Then again, if it’s your business that needs our attention, then we’re happy to take this workload off your employees and let them spend their energy on their real job.

It’s time to call Mansfield MOP STARS Cleaning Service and start enjoying a cleaner home!

commercial cleaning service

Commercial Cleaning Services

Let your business shine by hiring our team of professional cleaners.

We promise you we won’t rest until every surface and corner is dust-free and sparkles!

residential cleaning service in Denver, CO at work

Residential Cleaning

Juggling a career, a family, and keeping a house spotless might be possible but can definitely become stressful. 

Let MOP STARS relieve the day-to-day pressure by checking the cleaning chores off your list!

modern cleaning company

Property Management

Whether you’re an agent or a property manager, when it comes to cleaning responsibilities you can count on MOP STARS!

Give us a call today and let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Let’s answer some of the most common questions about Kennedale, TX and our house cleaning team!

Do you serve all of Kennedale?

Absolutely! But not only do we serve Kennedale, but also provide house cleaning service all around the Mansfield area including Rendon, Midlothian, Dallas, Fort Worth, and more!

If you’re anywhere in the Mansfield or DFW area then we can help you enjoy a cleaner home! 

Do you clean appliances?

We make sure to cover most of your cleaning needs and we’re happy to clean the outside of any appliance when it comes to residential cleaning. If you want the inside to be cleaned you can give us a call before our next visit, but you’ll be charged extra for this request.

For move-in and out cleaning, we can clean the inside of appliances as long as you request it!

What if I need your services only once?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to cleaning and here at MOP STARS, we’re always happy to help.

We’ve had many clients reach out for one-off visits before and after special events, holidays or neighbor gatherings that they hosted in their homes, or business offices.

If you haven’t had a professional crew clean your home or office before we’d recommend a deep clean to give you a fresh start before you take over. 

I have pets- is that okay?

Of course, we love animals and that’s why we don’t want to cause any stress due to possibly unfamiliar noises, smells, and equipment.

That’s why it’s typically best to have pets safely put away when we clean. 

That why pets don’t have to do deal with any extra stress and we can focus on making your home look amazing!

Why should I hire your house cleaning service?

Good question! 

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to house cleaning in Kennedale so why go with the MOP STARS?

Well, we’ll let our happy clients answer for us and show off our overwhelmingly positive reviews! 

Just scroll up the page to reviews from real people!

What are the best spots in Kennedale, TX?

You’re going to have some extra time when we start handling all your cleaning. 

So let’s talk about what you’ve been missing in Kennedale! 

One of our favorite spots is the Sonora Park!

This green corner in Kennedale is a wonderful gateway that will make you feel like you’ve left the city. 

The little pond is great for beginners when it comes to fishing and your kids will definitely get the most out of it. This quiet park is also a great place to recharge, and a good book should be enough to keep you company. 

Then there’s The Tipsy Turtle. With a fun name like that, The Tipsy Turtle will guarantee you’ll have a good time with your friends or family.

The friendly service and cozy atmosphere should take away the stress of the day and if need be a few extra drinks should do the trick!

How can I schedule my house cleaning?

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to scheduling your house cleaning! 

You can contact us via live chat, give us a call, or request a quote online! Simply decide what works best for you!