How much does house cleaning cost?

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MOP STARS house cleaning service fees are based on the amount of time we are cleaning your home. We charge $40/labor hour, so that is $40 per hour person. The simple equation is Hourly Rate x Time = Fee. We are focused on quality, which means attention to detail.

There are two main categories of cleaning, and these are also priced by the time that we take to clean your home:

  1. a one-time deep clean and
  2. a recurring scheduled cleaning.

A one-time clean will take much longer than a regular, recurring cleaning, so it is more expensive. The one-time deep clean is very detailed and usually includes things that are not normally cleaned, even if a client has had a regular cleaning service.

We spend less time in your home if we are there on a regular basis.  We have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly recurring clients. Any of these will be less than a one-time deep clean, but we are able to get in and out quicker, and therefore for less cost, if we come every week vs. biweekly or monthly.

Here is an example of typical, average fees for our service, assuming a 2,000 square foot home:

  • One-time deep clean, about 8 labor hours, at $320
  • Monthly service, about 5 labor hours, at $200
  • Bi-weekly service, about 4 hours, at $160
  • Weekly service, about 3 hours, at $120

Of course, the amount of time, and therefore cost, will vary based on pets, children, and lifestyle, but this gives you an idea of how much time we take for a quality cleaning each time.

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