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Every company should know what separates them from the competition.  As a marketing guy, I would never enter an industry without believing strongly that my company would be different, and that difference could make us as good or better than the rest. Building a brand is like building a house—not much else matters if your foundation is weak, and it can be prohibitively expensive to build again if you fail the first time. 

Our difference, and foundation, is in our branding, our service, and how we treat our employees. 

MOP STARS stand for performance

I would be embarrassed to reveal how much time I spent on our branding—primarily the name and logo. The goal, of course, is to create a brand that is memorable. Most franchises and larger independent house cleaning companies have “Maid” in their name—Molly Maid, Merry Maids, Miracle Maid, The Maids, Maid Brigade, Maid Pro, etc.

Our name and logo convey performance, that is what we stand for.

The name MOP STARS is a play on rock stars, and the logo icon a combination of rock star poses, with a mop instead of a microphone stand (think Steven Tyler from Aerosmith). Our performance branding gets fed back to us in client comments, such as:

“Your people rock, you all rock.”

“Bravo, MOP STARS!”

“Your team rocks it!”

We respond to our customers

We are uniquely focused on quality—that is cleaning quality in homes, and client service quality provided by Holly and me. To be honest, naively I thought in the beginning that our quality would be close to perfect. But of course, it is hard to be perfect when relying on people to deliver a service, no matter how good or how often you train. So, while we are not perfect, I cannot imagine a management team being more responsive.

We build long-term relationships with our customers.

Someone recently said to me that,

“In this industry, if you return phone calls or show up to clean on the scheduled day, you are 98% ahead of the others, just to start.” 

We treat our employees well

From the beginning I have been committed to creating a work environment which shows basic human respect to our employees.

The house cleaning industry if full of operators who do not treat their employees well—financially, physically and emotionally. House cleaners do a job most of us resist, and when done well, it is very hard work. I see it in the eyes of our new employees—there is little trust based on their previous experience. But after some time, they see we are different.

I am proud to have five members of one family working at MOP STARS.

Guy Peters

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