Happy employees are good for clients

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Happy House Cleaner

Employees or Independent Contract workers?

The people who come to your home as house cleaners in Denver are MOP STARS employees, not contract workers.

There is a big difference.

We do this because, by definition, the government says that we must designate our house cleaners as employees. And, we do it because it is the right thing for our cleaners.

The government defines someone as an employee, and not an independent contractor, if the company has control, or the right to control how the worker performs the job. There are other criteria, but this is important for quality control—we must have control over how our teams perform their job. This is partially why so many house cleaning companies do not perform well, because they have no control over how their workers clean.

Having employees is more expensive than having contractors. The government requires employers to pay a share of employees’ payroll taxes, which includes contributing to their Social Security. If a company hires contract workers, they pay no payroll taxes, and the contractor pays 100% of their own self employment taxes. Employment and labor laws do not apply to independent contractors. Paying a share of our employees’ taxes, and paying into the Social Security fund, is good for our employees.

Our team members work extremely hard, and they deserve as much help as we can possibly offer. It’s good for our employees. I believe that the better we treat our house cleaners, the better it is for our clients.

If you are in Denver looking for a career as a house cleaner where you will be valued and treated well as an employee, please apply. MOP STARS are hiring.

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