What does a cleaning service do? Should you hire a house cleaner? We hear these questions a lot. If you don’t see an answer to your question today, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Access - How will you get into my home ?
Generally we have a key, coded and kept safe in a lockbox in our office, but we can make other arrangements if necessary, such as a garage code or other options. If you have an alarm and turn it on then we will need the code to turn it off while we clean.
Cleaning - What is included in a cleaning ?
Each cleaning is customized to your needs, but for a general list of our regular, ongoing service, go to Services.
Cost - How much will it cost ?
Every home is different, so please contact us and we are happy to come out and give you an estimate in person. You can call, send an email or fill out this short form and we will contact you.
Employees - Are your cleaners employees of the company or contract workers?
Our cleaning professionals are employees who are insured and well trained.
Feedback - What is the best way to provide feedback ?
We love feedback, so please call us or send us an email.
Insurance - Are you fully insured and bonded ?
Absolutely, our policies are written by Tierney Aldridge at The Denver Agency.
Payment - How should I pay each time ?
A charge card is required prior to cleaning, but you can pay with cash or check if you prefer. If you pay with a charge card, we pass through the cost of doing so, which adds 3% to the fee.
Performance - How do you ensure such high performance ?
Training and inspections are part of our commitment to quality, but most importantly we hire people who are proud of their work.
Pets - What should I do with my pets during a clean ?
Animals are awesome, and many do not mind us being there, but for some it may be best if they are outside or at daycare.
Preparation - What should I do before the cleaning professionals arrive ?
The less cluttered your home is the better our team can clean it. Any special instructions must be on the Work Order for the team so call us with any special instructions before the cleaning.
Problem - Who do I call if there is a problem ?
Contact Holly at (720) 708-9079 holly@mopstars.com or Guy at (720) 481-0435 guy@mopstars.com.
Products - What products do you use ?
Our core products are Green Seal Certified and we buy them from EcoLab. We may use something stronger for mildew, hard water buildup, or inside the oven. We will not use strong chemicals, if you tell us not to. We use only pH neutral products on natural stone.
Teams - How many people will clean my home ?
Generally we work in teams of two MOP STARS, but depending on the schedule and size of the home, it may be one or three.