Do your employees speak English?

1 year ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Guy Peters

Yes, MOP STARS speak English

Many Denver house cleaning companies employ or contract people from all over the world. Sometimes I am asked if our employees speak English, and the answer is YES. Not all our employees speak English, but most of them do. I am proud we employ a culturally diverse group of people.

One day during a company meeting, I asked everyone where they were born and wrote it on the white board. I was surprised to see that not one person in our meeting was born in the U.S. (I was born in Africa, but that’s another story.) This was three years ago and since then we have hired many more English speakers, and we now have more English speaking than non-English speaking employees.

People are usually curious about this because they want to communicate with their cleaners, and that is difficult if they do not speak English, which I understand. Wanting to convey small requests and show someone exactly what you want done in your home is important.

If it is something you want done repeatedly, or a change in the work order that was discussed with our office, then it is always best to call the office and talk to Holly. She can add a note to your file and be sure your home is cleaned each time the way you prefer. This will reduce confusion and place responsibility where it belongs, in our office.

The bottom line is that we will always send at least one English-speaking house cleaner to your home, so communication is not difficult. In fact, it is rare that you will get a non-English speaker, but either way, you should get a good, consistent cleaning, and that is most important.

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