Do House Cleaners Bring Their Own Vacuum?

Do House Cleaners Bring Their Own Vacuum?

House cleaning is supposed to make your life easier and it most certainly does!

Still, it’s also easy to start overthinking everything and wondering what exactly you’re supposed to do to set your house cleaning team up for success. 

You may already know that house cleaners bring their own supplies or that they can clean the oven upon request

But what about more specific situations or supplies?

Do house cleaners bring their own vacuum or do you have to provide one? 

Most house cleaners can provide their own vacuum but if you already have a quality vacuum at home it’s best to allow your cleaning team to use it. Not only will that be easier for your house cleaners but it will also improve cleanliness as you aren’t tracking a vacuum from one home to another. 

Let’s take a closer look! 

Why You Should Let House Cleaners Use Your Vacuum

Let’s break down 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to allow your house cleaning team to use your vacuum instead of bringing their own. 

1. Vacuums Are Difficult To Disinfect

With dozens of nooks and crannies, vacuums aren’t exactly easy to disinfect. Additionally, there’s plenty of soft plastic that could be damaged by cleaning dozens of times a day. 

Of course, it is possible but it’s plenty time-consuming. 

Rather than worry about disinfecting a vacuum between every home or job, a much better option is to simply allow the cleaning team to use yours. 

2. Vacuums Can Be Heavy

Your house cleaning team will thank you for not making them lug their heavy vacuum from their car to your home. Especially if stairs are involved! 

While it’s not your job to accommodate your house cleaners (except when it comes to picking up the toys), but a little extra help and consideration will go a long way!

3. You Don’t Want Someone Else’s Dirt…And They Don’t Want Yours

Even you did disinfect the vacuum between every visit, there’s still the fact that the vacuum’s job is to collect dirt, dust, and debris. No matter how aggressively that vacuum is cleaned, you can expect some of the dirt to be brought from the previous home to yours. 

Simply using the vacuum that you already have in your home will prevent this from being a problem. 

Can House Cleaners Bring Their Own Vacuum? 

What if you don’t have your own vacuum or you’re simply not comfortable with sharing yours? 

Can house cleaners bring their own vacuum? 

Yes, most cleaning companies will be happy to bring their own vacuum if that’s what they need to do. It’s best to let them know ahead of time as some companies may assume that there will be a vacuum available- at least in most residential situations. 

Have The Conversation With Your Cleaner

As is often the case, it all starts with the conversation. Whether you need your house cleaner to change the sheets or you’re wondering if you should leave when they arrive having the conversation ahead of time will make everything easier.  

Expectations are different enough between house cleaning companies that it’s best to come right out with it and let them know your vacuuming preference. 

How Do We Handle It At MOP STARS? 

When it comes to MOP STARS Cleaning Service we’re happy to make just about anything work. We usually prefer to use your vacuum but we can also provide our own. Just let us know when you call and schedule! 

Closing Thoughts

As with many things in the house cleaning business, whether or not your house cleaning company brings their own vacuum will depend on the individual company. 

But most cleaners will be more than happy to adjust to what works for you and your home!