MOP STARS clean your house with the very best performance so you never need to look for another house cleaning service.

A Passion for Client Satisfaction

Guy Peters

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Hello, my name is Guy Peters. In late 2014 I moved to Denver to build a best-in-class residential cleaning business. Prior to that, for 20 years I helped build consumer businesses across a variety of industries in corporate America, where I learned that quality service at a fair price, backed with the best possible customer service, is a winning strategy. So I researched in what industry I could truly make a difference with this experience and, over time, it became clear to me that there is an opportunity in residential cleaning.

I talked to many people who are not happy with their house cleaning service, yet do not have the time to look for another company. I believe given my background and passion to create a business focused on client satisfaction, MOP STARS has the solution for anyone who never again wants to look for another house cleaning service.

MOP STARS caters to those who demand the very best performance.