Clean Living is a Lifestyle Choice

We know you are conscious of the environment, so we use house cleaning products and processes that help us do our part to give you green house cleaning service. This includes capturing dust particles—not just moving them around—by using microfiber towels and mops.

Green Seal Certified

We partner with EcoLab, and our core products are all Green Seal Certified. We proudly use cleaning products that are created to reduce human and aquatic toxicity, that are non-toxic and non-corrosive, and that contain no phosphates, carcinogens or bleach.

Green Seal logo
Preventing Cross-Contamination

We use color coded microfiber towels and mop pads to help ensure no cross-contamination in your home. For example, we use red towels in your bathroom and nowhere else in your home.

Microfiber Towels
What is Microfiber?

One of the great recent advances in textiles is microfiber technology. Microfiber does an incredible job of trapping and containing dust particles compared to cotton which simply moves it around.

Microfiber cloth is made from a combination of polyester and polyamide fibers that are so small it would take 16 of the constructed fibers put together to equal the thickness of one human hair. These fibers are able to penetrate micro spaces that traditional cotton cloth cannot. In addition, the fibers produce an electro-static charge that actually attracts dirt, causing a clinging action that traps debris in the cloth until it is washed out.

Match Game: Surfaces, Soils and Products

We use specialty products where necessary, so your specialty surfaces are not harmed. For months we carefully researched and tested what products should be used on what surfaces with which soil deposits. Part of that decision is based on the product’s pH level which should always be matched to the surface and soil. For example, while a high alkaline pH is necessary to cut grease, a more acidic pH level removes hard water deposits. However, be careful: you should never use acidic products on natural stone!

All solutions fall somewhere on the pH Scale, and cleaning products are no different

Examples of solutions and their respective pH
 14Liquid drain cleaner
High alkaline cleaning products are good for cutting grease13Bleaches, Oven cleaner
12Soapy water
11Household Ammonia
10Milk of Magnesium
 8Baking soda, Seawater
Neutral cleaning products are safe on any surface7Pure water
 6Urine, Milk
 5Acid rain, Black coffee
Highly acidic cleaning products can be good for removing mineral deposits like the hard  water we have in Denver4Tomato juice
3Grapefruit and orange juice, Soft drinks
2Lemon juice, Vinegar
1Hydrochloric acid secreted from the stomach lining
 0Battery acid