Management Team

A Quality Commitment

Guy Peters Owner of MOP STARSIf you have a question, comment or concern, please call the owner, Guy, who wants to hear anything you have to offer. He spent years working on consumer brands like Canada Dry and Schweppes; Egg Beaters and Parkay; and Dunlop, Maxfli, and TaylorMade. He used to ski, golf, and play tennis…but now is having a different kind of fun and wouldn’t have it any other way. His main responsibilities are making sure the MOP STARS are happy and answering your phone calls. Guy has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the California State University and an MBA from Cornell University.

quality-queenClient satisfaction is critical to our business, and if you are happy with the quality of service you receive, or want to know why it is so good, we can point to Karla. As our Manager of Quality Control she is in charge of hiring, training, and making sure you are thrilled with the way her team cares for your home. The Quality Queen hails from Costa Rica but actually likes the cold weather here, as do her two teenagers. As an accomplished artist, Karla trained in Spain and Italy, and has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Costa Rica.

brand-mangerIf you found us, then chances are Justin Elkomy had a hand in it. As our Associate Brand and Operations Manager, he makes sure we properly care for the brand, and that our marketing plan is on target and on budget. When he is not toiling over digital media and direct marketing, he keeps busy with his MBA program at CU Denver, and of course his lovely wife Laura and their adorable son Adam. Justin also served as an Air Battle Management Systems Specialist in the United States Air Force.


Your people rock. You all rock. Every time your team comes, I fall in love with my home again.

Cathy J.
Aurora, CO (2016)

Well . . . your team has really impressed us. This was ABSOLUTELY worth every single penny!

Jennifer R.
Highlands Ranch, CO (2016)

Mop Stars is incredible, and I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to do business with you.

Robin T.
Centennial, CO (2016)

I went to the property last night and it was AMAZING!!!! I was very impressed and I will definitely be using your company for my new place.

Steann H.
Littleton, CO (2016)

I can say, without a doubt, that our house is cleaner than it has ever been - your team truly exceeded my expectations.

Sierra W.
Denver, CO (2016)

Your team entirely exceeded my expectations! Mop Stars really does set a gold standard…worth every penny

Teresa G.
Parker, CO (2016)

Oh my gosh they did a fabulous job!!! We will definitely keep you in our Rolodex for cleaning.

Karen A.
Centennial, CO (2016)

You are definitely setting a new standard. Fair to both parties involved.

Maureen M.
Littleton, CO (2016)

I cannot say enough good things about Mop Stars!

Connie S.
Denver, CO (2015)

A company that does a great job and IS trustworthy...not many of those around!

Anne G.
Aurora, CO (2015)

Great to work with. Staff and owner really understood what was important to us.

Trish M.
Lone Tree, CO (2015)

Mop Stars has changed our lives. My husband and I are forever grateful!

Jennifer R.
Denver, CO (2015)

My husband and I are beyond pleased and so happy that we decided to work with Mop Stars.

Sierra W.
Denver, CO (2015)

We have tried using several other cleaning services, and this is the first one that is reliable!

Jamie K.
Denver, CO (2015)

The cleaning was fantastic! What a relief it is for me not to have to do it.

Janice N.
Aurora, CO (2015)

I was so pleased and impressed, I want to set up a monthly clean!

Angie H.
Centennial, CO (2015)

Our house looks and feels amazing! Thank you!

Natalya N.
Aurora, CO (2015)

This house has undergone a transformation!

Kirk B.
Lone Tree, CO (2015)

Amazing job! What a truly great company you have.

Christine I.
Centennial, CO (2015)

I am so happy with the job your girls do for me. It makes my day!

Connie S.
Denver, CO (2015)

Mop Stars did a deep clean, and the house positively sparkles!

Jennifer W.
Lakewood, CO (2015)

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